The Impacts of TMJ

Unfortunately, TMJ disorders aren’t something that can ever be fully cured. We work with you to provide TMJ treatment in Williamsburg, VA, finding specific methods that work well for you. And it’s important to treat it as best you can. TMJ can have many impacts on your oral and overall wellness. Dr. William Harper of Coastal Virginia Sleep Solutions highlights these impacts.tmj treatment in williamsburg, virginia


TMJ disorders are linked to migraines and other forms of severe headaches. The TMJ is the joint that connects the jaw to the skull, which is misaligned in the event of TMJ disorders. The muscles in your face, as well as down into your neck and shoulders become stressed as they maneuver in ways they weren’t supposed to. Debilitating headaches occur and can make it hard to go to school, work, and events.

Damage to Your Hearing

The TMJ connects to your skull near where your ear is. When the muscles surrounding this area become inflamed, there’s an impact on your ear canal. You may think it’s just an ear infection when it’s something more. Over time, you may experience tinnitus or even hearing loss. If you have TMJ and suspect something is wrong with your ear, see a doctor immediately.

Broken and Worn Teeth

TMJ disorders impact the way your teeth come together. Since the joint and jaw are misaligned, your teeth come together differently. This can impact the way the pressure on your teeth is distributed. Certain teeth may become more worn than others because they’re taking on more pressure. Clenching and grinding your teeth come along with TMJ disorders as well, causing your teeth to wear down, chip, or break.

Tension Throughout Your Face and Neck

You may experience pain from your TMJ disorder in places you wouldn’t expect to be impacted by your jaw. It creates tension in your facial muscles. Since the muscular system is all connected, you feel this tension down throughout your neck and shoulders as well. Not only are you struggling with the pain in your jaw and head, but other parts of your body act up too.

You’re More Likely to Develop Sleep Apnea

Airway sleep disorders go hand in hand with TMJ disorders due to the misalignment of the jaw. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) occurs when the soft tissues in the back of your mouth collapse and block your airway while you sleep. Oral appliance therapy is beneficial for both sleep apnea and TMJ, positioning the jaw in a way that assists with aligning the jaw.

TMJ Treatment in Williamsburg, Virginia

Don’t let your TMJ disorder go untreated and cause further problems. Call us or schedule an appointment online.