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A word from Dr. Harper on Diagnosis and Home Sleep Testing:

Unlike some of my fellow dentists, I DO NOT use home sleep testing, and I DO NOT diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea / related conditions.

I rely on physicians to make the proper medical diagnosis of a sleep-breathing disorder through proper face-to-face evaluation and testing/diagnostics.

I rely on physicians to make recommendations for treatment based on their diagnosis and their preference.

Coastal Sleep & TMJ follows the guidelines of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Harper is working towards diplomacy in the AADSM and is an active member of the Spencer Founders Study Club, a national study club that focuses on mentorship and continuing education for OAT.


I DO screen every patient in my office for obstructive sleep apnea / sleep-disordered breathing. If they are at risk, then I refer them to a physician for a proper evaluation and diagnosis.

This screening is part of my evaluation of bruxism patients with and without TMJ / TMD symptoms. Through years of treating sleep-related bruxism, getting many referrals from physicians for TMD / TMJ treatment, and screening these patients, we have found that many of these patients are at risk for OSA.

After evaluation by physicians, we have discovered that a large percentage of these patients are diagnosed with OSA.

Oral Appliances: Choosing the Right Option

Follow-ups are an important part of treatment to make sure an oral appliance is still effective, with correspondence to you, and reinforcing the need to follow-up with you, with the frequency (annual, etc) that you prescribe.

We have experience working with many different insurance companies. We work with medical billers with many years of experience in this area of expertise to maximize patients’ benefits.

Information Sessions

Request a presentation or meeting for your staff, or civic organization/group, about obstructive sleep apnea. My presentations are geared toward the value of better health for high quality of life and teaching patients to be their own advocates.

Many, many people are walking around with symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, or “silent” signs of sleep apnea, that are not picked up in the course of a normal medical evaluation. My presentation to non-medical groups is based on empowering the attendees with the knowledge to help themselves or loved ones, who may have OSA. To be their own advocates.

My message to health care practitioners is based on the silent symptoms of OSA, especially those we see during a comprehensive dental evaluation.

I have presented to the Pen DH Society, Thomas Nelson School of Dental Hygiene, Tabernacle Men’s group, 3H group of York County and other local organizations.

For physicians who want to learn more about oral appliance therapy, please request a presentation by contacting us.

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