Information for Dentists Hampton Roads, VA

Dentists and other health care professionals need to know that an oral appliance to treat OSA is a prescribed medical device. It is not appropriate to simply make and hand the patient an oral appliance.

The oral appliance must be properly designed, made, and titrated according to the prescription; and patients must be thoroughly evaluated with adjustments to the appliance until the OSA is treated. Proper therapy of OSA is determined by working closely with physicians who provide sleep medicine services to their patients and using thorough objective diagnostic evaluations.

Coastal Sleep & TMJ has extensive experience working with OSA and TMD patients. Our dentist in Hampton Roads has established systems to provide the most effective therapeutic protocol for your patients.

  • Since oral appliances to treat OSA are medical devices, we perform an extensive evaluation that takes 1-2 hours to complete. We see your patients back for the many follow-ups required to make sure comfort and efficacy are achieved.
  • We work with many sleep medicine physicians from the Peninsula, Williamsburg, and the surrounding areas.
  • Most of our OSA and TMD patients are referred from their “home” dentist.
  • We will see your patients for OSA and TMD and ensure they return to you for their preventative and restorative care.
  • We work with many medical insurance plans to get your patients the best insurance help.
  • As part of an OSA assessment, we perform a thorough TMD assessment to help establish the condition of the TMJ before advancing the mandible in OSA oral appliance therapy.
  • If your patient needs dental work/restorations before we can start oral appliance therapy, then rest assured that we will refer them back to you for that work.