What is an At-Home Sleep Test Like?

sleep apnea in chesapeake, vaPeople who think they’ve gotten enough sleep but still wake up tired are experiencing symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Diagnosing this common sleep disorder requires a sleep study, and Dr. William Harper at Coastal Virginia Sleep Solutions may order an at-home sleep test. This type of study allows you to remain comfortably at home while we gather data about your sleep. Learn more about what to expect from this sleep apnea at-home sleep study.

At-Home Sleep Study

Proper diagnosis and treatment requires us to evaluate several parameters of your sleep. During the test, you will wear a portable device overnight that will gather information about your oxygen levels, snoring, breathing, heart rate, and sleep apnea occurrences.

Coastal Virginia Sleep Solutions patients have the option of an at-home or in-lab sleep test, and many of our patients are good candidates for the at-home test. Many patients prefer this at-home version because they don’t have to try to sleep in an unfamiliar setting with all of the equipment attached. Instead, at home you will wear small sensors on your finger, in your nostrils, and on your chest to monitor your breathing. Most of our patients don’t notice these small pieces of equipment once they’re sleeping.

Interpreting Test Results

Both Dr. Harper and a board certified sleep physician will review the data and make a diagnosis. If further medical consultation is necessary because of a serious medical condition, Dr. Harper will make the appropriate referral to a board certified sleep physician.

If the diagnosis reveals that a dental sleep device is necessary, Dr. Harper will help you decide the best treatment option. We offer oral appliance therapy for mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Oral Appliance Therapy in Poquoson, VA

Dr. Harper offers sophisticated oral appliances to help patients deal with OSA so they have restful, refreshing sleep. Contact us today about your sleep apnea consultation!