What Is Sleep Testing? Hampton Roads, VA

Are you exhausted by the afternoon, even after a full night’s sleep? Do you often wake up with a headache? Do you ever have a difficult time concentrating at work?

Dr. William Harper works with patients to coordinate and schedule sleep testing with your general practitioner. A physician is the only medical professional certified to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea and related sleep disorders.

Hampton Roads VA dentist for sleep apnea

It is important not to make assumptions about your sleep issues. Sleep testing is an integral part of making an accurate diagnosis and choosing the best treatment option for your needs. If you do not have a regular physician and would like to be tested for possible sleep apnea, Dr. Harper can help you.

He will determine your risk, symptoms, and recommend a local physician for a thorough evaluation. After we have evaluated and properly diagnose your issue, we can recommend treatments. Dr. Harper provides a variety of sleep apnea treatments in the Hampton Roads area.