Why Am I So Tired?

If you find yourself constantly tired, even when you think you’ve gotten enough sleep, you have one of the primary signs of sleep apnea in Chesapeake, VA. Sleep apnea can make you tired and less alert, as well as other impacts that are bad for your health. Dr. William Harper of Coastal Virginia Sleep Solutions explains symptoms and treatment for sleep apnea.chesapeake, virginia sleep apnea

Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

Being constantly tired is a prominent symptom of sleep apnea. You go to bed at an appropriate time and get the amount of sleep you’re supposed to, but still need a jolt of espresso to get started. You may still feel tired throughout the day. This can certainly be detrimental to your performance at school or work, but sleep apnea can have more damaging symptoms.

Due to your lack of sleep, you may find yourself more irritable than normal. Depression is another symptom of not getting enough sleep. Your partner may notice you snoring and you may wake up gasping for air throughout the night. Sleep apnea periodically stops your breathing throughout the night. When you’re snoring and gasping for air, it’s because you aren’t getting enough oxygen in your body.

When you wake up, you may have headaches due to the lack of oxygen. Being tired and less alert can cause problems with driving and make you more at risk for wrecks. You may notice that your weight is fluctuating and you don’t know why, or that you have high blood pressure. Your throat is sore and your mouth is dry from breathing through the mouth during sleep.

Get a Sleep Test Done

If you’re experiencing one or more of the symptoms above, there’s a solid chance you have sleep apnea. Coastal Virginia Sleep Solutions offers sleep testing to learn more about how you’re acting when you sleep. These can be done in the office or at home, though the in-office option is more accurate. We do understand that it can be harder to sleep comfortably in a foreign environment.

Dr. Harper will discuss testing options with you. The at-home study involves a testing kit and instructions that he’ll cover with you. Sensors are given to record things like blood pressure and heart rate while sleeping. It’s crucial that you talk to Dr. Harper about all of the symptoms and issues you’re experiencing. With a home testing kit, you’re more in control.

In the lab, medical professionals will conduct your sleep study. A full range of physical metrics will be evaluated. This is typically done to diagnose if you have a sleep disorder and how severe it may be. However, this can also be done for patients that currently use a CPAP machine that isn’t giving them the relief they need.

Treating Sleep Apnea in Chesapeake, Virginia

At Coastal Virginia Sleep Solutions, we focus on oral device therapy for sleep apnea. It’s more portable and convenient to deal with compared to a CPAP machine. A mouthguard-like device adjusts your jaw so that the airway isn’t blocked when you’re sleeping. If you think you may be suffering from sleep apnea, call us or schedule an appointment online.