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What Is Causing Me To Snore While I Sleep?

Gone are the days where snoring is just annoying for your family members or partner. It wasn’t too long ago that people would laugh or simply become annoyed and sleep in another room if they had to deal with a loud snorer. Very rarely anymore do you see comedy movies or television shows that portray snoring as funny. That is because we have learned that snoring often means that there is a much deeper medical condition involved. If you are a snorer, many reasons can cause you to snore, which we have listed below:


  • Your Age
    • Most of us already know that when you get older, your body begins to lose muscle tone. This requires your body to give more effort for simple exercises such as sleeping. Your tongue and throat muscles will also lose some muscle definition.
  • Your Weight
    • Chances are, if you are overweight, then you will be a snorer. This is due to the excess fatty tissues that are built up inside your thought on top of little or poor muscle tone which will cause heavy and even violent snoring.
  • Your Bad Habits
    • If you are a smoker or drinker, then chances are, you are also a snorer, or this could be a factor that causes you to snore. Alcohol increases the relaxation of your muscles which will disrupt airflow causing you to snore. Smoking, on the other hand, will cause irritation and inflammation to your nasal passages and throat muscles which will also disrupt airflow causing you to snore.
  • Your Sleep Posture
    • Most of the time, people who sleep on their back are snorers. This is caused by the tissues in the back of your throat which can easily fall back when you sleep. The collapsing of the soft tissue causes blockage of your airway. If you are told that you are snoring and happen to sleep on your back, then try sleeping on your side as this may eliminate your snoring helping you receive a much better sleep.

Schedule A Sleep Study

If you or a loved one are snoring and it is causing sleepless nights, contact Coastal Virginia Sleep Solutions to schedule a sleep study. Dr. William Harper will work with your physician to obtain results from the sleep study and decide on how best to treat your snoring condition.